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destroyer – chinatown


casa del mirto

user submission! and its hot.

gold panda

while running in china, i fell into a light tunnel and heard this song.


quick little mix i made for your porcelain ears.

He Lives!

Sorry dudes. I was out riding waves all month. But check out this sweet new track from brothertiger. It’s what you jam to while scraping the tsunami. BTW, I woke up saturday very hung over and with the words, “her skin was the color of snow at midnight.” Not sure what it means, but i think that’s what Eric the Red told his bros at the landing in Greenland about the chick he met at a washed out concert.

holy fuck.


just saw this posted on the b&s facebook page. radical! hope to see you kids at the show in october! make sure to wear your cardis!!

toro y moi

beach fossils

realllllyy digging this beach fossils jam. with toast. its what i listen to when i am surfing on a huge wave. of the internet.

so, this band is named after a roman general (Titus Andronicusand they have a song named albert camus? this wins my pick for top snob in the indie world 2010. too bad their music is good and i can’t trash that too. btw, do you like how i italicized the latin above? i guess i got into the spirit of this post too much.